Meet London-based Web Developer, Salwa

Are you interested in coding and/or being a web developer? Are you interested, but you’re not too sure where to start? Well ladies and gentlemen, the good thing is that they’re plenty of informative people and professionals who are willing to give gems on the world of coding. *cues Salwa* Salwa is a web developer and freelancer based out of the UK and she also writes about the tech world herself.

If you’re not quite sure what career field to go into and you’re looking to acquire a new skill set, getting hip to the tech world may be a good move for you. In the world we live in today, technology will only continue to be an important part of our lives and people will only use it more and more as time goes on. We’re living in the technology age with people needing technological tasks done day in and day out. It’s the equivalent to the gold rush back in the day, but now it’s with technology at the forefront. Let’s be real, it’s 2019 and basically everything we deal with today involves technology in one way or another whether it’s by phone, laptop etc.

With that being said, if you’re interested in learning a new trade, being challenged and adding to your repertoire of skill sets, be sure to follow Salwa on Instagram @codernist. Her posts are engaging, helpful and informative as well as her blog posts which can be found at

If you’re interested in projects or collaborations with Salwa, send her an email 📧 or DM!

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