Join This Amazing Investment Hedge Fund!

Are you an investor and is looking for a guaranteed return? Are you someone who is interested in starting investing, but is nervous to dive into the world of investing in stocks? What if I told you that if you invest in this amazing hedge fund with $1K, you’d get a 10%-100% return on investment? This is the vision of stock market expert Dylan Ngendung!

In case you’re wondering what a hedge fund is, it’s essentially a fund compounded with all of the money invested by different investors. When you invest a lot of money, the chances of you getting a return on your investment is great and with Dylan leading the charge, the profits are incredible. The hedge fund in the 3rd quarter of the year had $20K!

In this hedge fund, money will be made in two different ways which ensures that you receive your guaranteed return (which is contracted). The first being the method of stock appreciation which is your standard method of investing. For example, if you buy a $30 stock and it goes up to $45, you made $15. The other way in which your return is made from is dividend stocks. If you look up stocks that you’re interested in buying, there will be information labeled dividend yield. There is a percentage and also a dividend price per share that the company will pay their shareholders for investing in their companies.

Big companies like Coca-Cola and Walmart do this but not every company pays dividends. The trick to this is that you must have the stocks for a full day before and through what is called an ex dividend date. This date marks the beginning of the process for when that specific company will distribute their payouts to their shareholders. Every ex dividend date is different for each company and Dylan literally does all of the work to ensure he catches as much dividend shares as he can with your investment. Easy enough right?

So why not invest in this hedge fund? It’s a guaranteed return and there’s literally no risk to you at all. If you let your money sits in the bank for a year, an average bank’s return is .09%. That’s 9 cents for the entire year! This hedge fund offers 10%-100% return which is an amazing deal! This means you can make $400+ and not have to do any work. If you’re interested in investing in the fund, the minimum is $1000 but you can invest more if you’d like. To get started contact me on Instagram Dylan by email @ or Instagram @ceodylann

Don’t miss out on this amazing deal!

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