Looking for Creative Art? Meet Ashleigh Sharmaine

Do you ever see artwork on social media of some of your favorite movie graphics with popular cartoon characters that just fit? If you have, chances are that an incredible artist named Ashleigh drew it! Meet Ashleigh Sharmaine, an artist who style is based around creating fun and unique concepts and crossovers pertaining to pop culture, music, life and history.

Interviewer: “When and why you started your artistry?

Ashleigh: “At a very young age I found myself always intrigued with the arts. I was always into drawing, painting and crafting as a young child. Growing up it always  stuck with me, not a day could go by without me drawing or painting. That’s when I knew I had something special. As the years flew by my skills would advance more and more.

Interviewer: “As an artist, what is a goal you’re looking to accomplish?”

Ashleigh: “As an artist, I want to be recognized for my talent and creative style internationally while establishing an empire which includes creating award winning cartoon television series that become widely known to the world to expanding  my brand from illustrations to television to movies, books and furniture the list is endless.”

Ashleigh continues to push the envelope of creativity on Instagram so be sure to give her a follow!

For inquiries, contact her on Instagram @ashleighsharmaine

Ashleigh’s email is AshleighSharmaine@gmail.com

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