Every Entrepreneur Should Watch This!

How do I educate myself on business skills and knowing how to talk to people? How do I influence others and get involved with different avenues of business? These are questions a lot of upcoming entrepreneurs may have for themselves. If you’re asking those questions and are in need of answers, look no further than the Netflix documentary, ‘The Black Godfather’.

‘The Black Godfather’ Official Trailer

Clarence Avant aka The Black Godfather is one of the most important people you’ve probably never heard about. With life, there are people who are in the spotlight and then there are the critical savants who make the important decisions behind the scenes. Without the individuals pulling the strings behind closed curtains, it’s safe to say a lot of business ventures wouldn’t happen. In this documentary you learn about Clarence Avant, his story, and how he rose up to the status that he’s at today, but you also learn some underlining lessons on how to truly be successful in all facets of business.

So many entrepreneurs and inspiring entrepreneurs don’t quite understand the importance of building relationships. Clarence Avant was a master negotiator, mentor, and man of the people. Whether it’s politics, the music industry, fashion, or television, the fact remains that you must build relationships in order to grow. Rome wasn’t built in one day or by one person and the same goes for businesses.

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One of the greatest songs ever was made on Clarence Avant’s record label, ‘Sussex’

Clarence Avant has built a reputation of excellence with the likes of Bill Clinton, Barack Obama, Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs, Bill Withers, Jim Brown, Kamala Harris, Jamie Foxx, Kenneth ‘Babyface’ Edmonds, Snoop Dogg, and Al Sharpton. The diversity of people Clarence was able to connect with is impeccable and only speaks to the type of person and businessman he is. From signing Bill Withers to persuading Jim Brown to launch his acting career and being an active fundraiser for President Obama and President Clinton, Clarence Avant has made his rounds in the world of business. When asked about his accomplishments, Avant responded with “People ask me, ‘How did you do all this?’ How the f–k do I know? I just do things. I just like to take shots.”

Quincy Jones, Clarence Avant, and Whitney Houston

This Reginald Hudlin directed documentary is a must watch for all entrepreneurs. Catch ‘The Black Godfather’ now on Netflix!

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