Meet Aundrea Tabbs-Smith! Creator of Spit Honey, Curriculum Coach and Author

Aundrea Tabbs-Smith is an upcoming author and educator, diverse curriculum coach, and the creator of Spit Honey. Her book, For the Quiet Black Girl: Trying to Find Her Voice in a Predominately White Space, is Aundrea’s powerful statement about how to respond to covert and overt displays of racism. Aundrea shares her experiences with dating, school and simply living in a world that does not always see women of color for all they have to offer.

For the Quiet Black Girl will give you an opportunity to evaluate how you navigate through life and encounter people who constantly question your presence. This book is for young girls growing up to find their voice and exude black girl magic!

As a result of not seeing herself in the student body, administration, and the curriculum while in school, Aundrea now helps educators revamp their classroom libraries and restructure the curriculum so that the experiences of people of color are accurately represented. Her course lessons ‘That Stick’ will launch in July. 

In addition to her self-published book and course for educators, Aundrea is also the creator of Spit Honey. Spit Honey means to speak words that lovingly stick to a person’s soul. and It is a brand that celebrates and centers people of color.  Smith creates products that are uplifting and display people of black and brown color in a positive light.

Aundrea’s mission is to completely change the curriculum taught in schools so that the voices of black and brown people are amplified and centered throughout all areas of learning. She also hopes her work encourages people of color to live in their purpose and speak their truth at all times.

As you’ve read, Aundrea is a proud black woman. She is a motivated author, entrepreneur and educator. Be on the lookout as Aundrea makes huge waves in the education system and in the book markets.

Follow Aundrea on Instagram @aundreatsmith

Also visit for Spit Honey items and also For The Quiet Black Girl book!

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