Meet YouTuber & Manga Artist Dave aka FluffFlyKid

Art is a great way to express yourself in ways some cannot through words or actions! With the growth in popularity of Manga Art and Anime in recent years, we have seen plenty of interesting concepts with crossovers between anime and urban culture . This is where Dave aka @FluffyFlyKid on Instagram comes in!

Dave started doing artwork at a young age and immediately started to hone his craft. He was 4 or 5 years old when he saw his brother draw the whole Dragon Ball cast on his wall. Naturally, this inspired Dave to get into art watching him fluently draw these characters out. So, he thought “hey this is pretty cool! Let me give it a try”. At first, Dave was never satisfied with his initial drawings because it didn’t look as cool and polished as his brother’s work. So he began to draw almost every day challenging his brother, which in turn, made Dave a better artist.

Since Dave is a competitive individual, he looked at his older brother as a someone to surpass. “He was basically my rival and he’d always kick my ass with his artwork especially when he just drew something up on the spot”, Dave stated. In order to get better, he decided to draw everyday. Dave started reading books, drawing from real life, and drew anime and manga characters from time to time. “I was still competitive but I got more passionate diving into the hobby”, Dave explained.

However, it got to the point where Dave’s brother stopped doing artwork and Dave had no one else to challenge but himself. He’d internally say “let me draw this, or draw that.” He began creating his own characters, stories and world build. Now, he constantly challenges himself and improve his skills on daily basis. Dave makes it a point to continually learn from different artists, watch videos and stay up all night just to finish that ‘perfect’ art piece.

Now that Dave is older, he’s gotten to a point where he hopes to never be satisfied or content with where he is artistically. There is and will always be room for improvement and that mindset will allow him to grow into an even more amazing artist! Dave is very active on Instagram and does custom artwork including album covers, manga art and more for a commission. Check his page out for more details!

For his Contact information, see below.

Instagram and Twitter



My email is

Business number is

(901) 860-4987

Also, check out his comic strip series called Space Demon! Link below.

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