Meet Stock Market Extraordinaire & Mentor Dylan The Investor

Dylan The Investor

Dylan Ngendung is a stock market investor with a lot of knowledge and experience. Not only does he invest in stocks, but he also travels and mentors other people on the ins and outs of the stock market. When I spoke to Dylan, one of the things that I noticed right away is that he genuinely wants to help people succeed and help people make money through the world of investing. Recently on his Instagram page @CeoDylann, he has given away investor scholarships to those who participate in his challenges online. By doing this, he motivates people to educate themselves on stocks and rewards winners of his choice with money to be able to begin their investing career.

So, how does one make money by investing in stocks? When is the best time to invest in stocks? What stocks should someone invest in? What if I don’t have a lot of money, how could I begin investing? These are all common questions for someone who may be on the fence about jumping into the game. The reality of investing is that you’re going to lose money, but the reward of beginning your investments now is much better than starting later because you will regret it. There’s no perfect strategy for this and that’s ok because mistakes will be made no matter how experienced you are in the investing world. Mistakes are a part of the game, but the important key is to learn from those mistakes and show resiliency.

During my phone interview with Dylan, I asked him what advice would he give to somebody who is maybe struggling with their investments or maybe is unsure if they want to invest? Dylan’s response was clear and concise as he said that experience is the best teacher and quite frankly, it’s normal to be scared. It can be a scary thing to invest hard earned money into something for the first time, but it’s important to just stick with it and go through the process. If you’re interested in stock markets, the worst thing you can do is wait. If you don’t have a lot of money, Dylan encourages you to start small and just build on your investments slowly. Start with $50 and consistently invest more and more as time goes on. As time goes on, educating yourself on ways of the stock market and paying attention to what’s going on in the world can go a long way and can help you make educated decisions when buying stocks.

During our phone discussion, Dylan talked about being patient and not investing with your emotions. Investing with your emotions is the #1 way to lose money because you’re not thinking clearly. When stocks drop, stay the course unless there’s a very good reason to sell or trade. For example, when Zion Williamson had the incident where he tore open his Nike shoes in-game and got injured, Nike took a little bit of a dive in the stock market. But let’s be real, Nike is Nike and their stock market value regulated not too long after. Point is, don’t be so quick to panic when stocks drop a little bit, stay the course and be patient.

Dylan has some great investments apps for all levels that he recommends people use. These apps include Learn, Robinhood, Stocktwits and TD Ameritrade.

As mentioned earlier, Dylan is also a mentor for other stock market investors and teaches classes in various locations. When asked why he began teaching, it was simply because he realized his purpose and it is to help others. Dylan has taken his knowledge and skill for the stock market and has educated and mentored individuals around the world. With his reach spanning throughout the US, Canada and South Korea, he has spent countless hours teaching others how to make money. One of the things Dylan strives to promote is an environment of likeminded stock investors to be able to discuss and talk amongst each other. When there’s not a lot of people who invest in your immediate circle of friends, it can be kind of lonely but being in a group where you can talk about stocks can be comforting and beneficial for people.

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  • Experience is the best teacher
  • It’s Ok to be afraid, stick with it and start small
  • Learn on the go, be patient with results and understand you’re going to make mistakes
  • Never invest with your emotions. That’s the #1 way to lose money.
  • Stay disciplined and educate yourself on the ways of investing.
  • Pay attention to the news and buy low, sell high
  • Download these investing apps: Learn, TD Ameritrade/Robinhood, Stocktwits.

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