Meet Jordan Moore! ATL’s Rising Filmmaker & Entrepreneur

The name is Jordan Moore and he is an Atlanta based Filmmaker & Entrepreneur. 

| A short film he directed inspired by J Cole’s song ‘FRIENDS’ from his recent album, KOD. 

Currently, he works for the non-profit organization, the Atlanta Film Society, as the Video Lead Coordinator. Daily tasks for Jordan include capturing content that can be used for social media and outreach purposes. This job is one of his proudest accomplishments to date as he had the position created for himself, establishing the first ever video department in the 43 year history of the Atlanta Film Society. 

Outside of his main job, he is the co owner of two companies, The Hotbox, LLC and IAF Media, LLC. The Hotbox is a CBD catering company that he started with three of his close friends. The Hotbox catering company specializes in lemon pepper and hot lemon pepper style CBD infused wings along with other specialty items. The idea of the company started in 2017 and finally came to fruition this past February. Their goal is to create opportunities for people of color in the cannabis industry while also offering unique, original infused edibles like no other. The CBD company have been blessed to have strong start so far with a special pop up at the Atlanta Film Festival where they sold out 300 wings in 20 minutes and the West Side Wing Festival where they placed second for best wings.

IAF Media, LLC stands for ‘Indie as Fuck’ Media and is a production company that Jordan started with his best friend back in 2016. The IAF Media, LLC focus on weddings, events, music videos, and narrative film. One day soon they will own a studio in Atlanta that provides a platform for other grassroot independent filmmakers to create without limitations and have distribution. 

There are good dates, there are bad dates, and then, there is this. IndieAF media presents the first episode for the upcoming web series ‘Cringe’

Outside of work, Jordan also does freelance film photography under his pseudo name, Scott Moon, and he helps produce media for a new group he is a part of, Power Company. Check them out on July 18th in Atlanta for their first ever event. 

Check out this link for a video of Jordan and his team’s work!

  1. | Here is a video that Jordan Moore and his team produced for this year’s 2019 Atlanta Film Festival

If you ever find yourself in the ATL area and are in need of any photography or film services, or want to try out Jordan’s Hotbox catering company, don’t hesitate to contact him. Follow his Instagram pages @Ninety4__, @Indieaf_media, and @thehotboxatl

Also, follow his company’s YouTube Channel page, IAF Media LLC

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