Meet Julius Debardlabon! Mastermind behind Perimeter Pointe Investments

Meet Julius L Debardlabon! He is a 24 year old USAF vet and business owner. He is married to Hadara Njoku. He went from his card declining to being worth 6 figures within 4 years using real estate as his investment vehicle.

Julius is the Co founder and CEO of Perimeter pointe investments. One of his missions is to show the upcoming youth that drugs aren’t the only way to make money. There’s more to life, and he wants to inspire the next generation that there are other ways to generate substantial income.

Mr. Debardlabon’s goal starting off was leaving the military and retiring his wife Hadara. Along with his initial goals, his long term goal is to build affordable housing for the us shipping containers in his hometown Alpine, AL. Julius Debardlabon’s initiative has prospered into an amazing life and profitable business. Real estate is a great way to build wealth whether it’s wholesaling, flipping homes, etc.

For more info, contact Mr. Debardlabon at @juliusldebardlabon or @perimeterpointeinvestments on Instagram if you’re interested in any services of Perimeter Pointe Investments!

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